Understanding life and solving the future.

Knowing the future and constructing life accordingly.

People have always sought solutions outside of themselves.

God or gods.


The most meaningful of signs were in nature.

Signs were waiting in the sky.

The signs are the zodiac.

Are they our destiny?

Can they really guide us?

I'm sure we'll never know.

A very valuable cultural heritage.

The symbols are beautiful.

They give people mystery and hope.

It's time to meet digital.


Zodiac Series technical information:

Format: MP4 video

Lenght: 10 seconds.

Square dimention: 524x524 pixel.

But in this site:

25 times low quality gif files dimention: 80x80 pixel.

In the first three fast frames,

the artist left a mark on his work with

his secret self-portrait and secret QR code.

Designed and values for 12 different zodiac signs.


This site is a reference for artist ZACA's NFT works.

For this reason, the image quality of all the artworks

on the site is particularly low.

Quality images of original works are available at

NFT market places.

They are put up for sale in NFT market places with good quality.

All art works in this site are protect with Copyright (C) © art protect law trials.